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Deadline to apply:  February 1, 2023

Program summary:  The ASPB Ambassador Program was established to involve students, post-docs and industry scientists in communicating ASPB’s mission to plant biologists and to the general public.  The program provides opportunities for networking and development of leadership and science communication skills.

The Ambassador program will become self-governing starting in January 2019 by a committee called the Ambassador Alliance.  Officers for the first year will be appointed by the Membership Committee, but will be elected by Ambassadors after that.  By-laws for the program provide more detail about the Ambassador Alliance.

Program Requirements.  The Ambassador program is open to members of ASPB who are students, post-docs or work in Industry.  Ambassadors must complete at least 2 activities to encourage people to engage with ASPB and/or to communicate the importance of plant sciences, such as ones described on the list below.  In addition, they must complete a leadership training (1-hour webinar or similar training) and provide a 1-2-page report at the end of the year.

Partial list of approved activities (pick 2 or suggest an alternative).  Note:  The starred activities will be counted as 2 activities.

  • Attend and volunteer at an ASPB section meeting, or the Plant Biology annual meeting
  • Participate in at least one activity with the goal of spreading ASPB's mission and recruiting new members
  • Participate in at least one education or outreach activity
  • Write an article for ASPB News, i.e. Luminaries, Member Corner, etc.
  • Contribute to Plantae
    • Start or contribute to a discussion in the Ambassador’s network on Plantae
    • Start or contribute to a discussion on Plantae within any network
    • Contribute a blog post to the ASPB Plant Science Today blog
    • Create a video or podcast on a science related topic to be available through Plantae*
  • Serve on an ASPB committee *
  • Serve on the Ambassador Alliance (Ambassador governance, described in Ambassador program by-laws, attached) *
  • Other activities can be used with prior approval of the ASPB staff and/or Membership Committee


For each year that the Ambassador completes the required activities, they will receive a certificate of participation and a chance to compete for Ambassador of the Year.  The Ambassador of the Year will receive a travel grant to attend the next Plant Biology meeting as well as 1 year of free ASPB membership.  ASPB staff can also supply a reference letter for Ambassadors when requested.

The following opportunities will be available to Ambassadors (some are available to a limited number of participants, and will be assigned on a first-come basis):

  • An official ASPB Ambassador name badge to use when representing ASPB.
  • Free registration to one ASPB regional section meeting.  At each section meeting, Ambassadors in attendance may be asked to give a presentation, assist or manage a table/booth of ASPB materials or otherwise be a representative from ASPB.  These tasks will be shared by the Ambassadors present.
  • Discounted registration (50% off) to the Plant Biology Annual meeting.
  • Hands-on learning programs that include leadership training sessions, mentoring and workshops to develop leadership skills and an understanding of organizations and how they are managed.
  • Opportunity to prepare a science/research related video or podcast to be available on Plantae.  Topic and timing must be approved prior to beginning work.
  • Individual Virtual mentoring/resume review session with an established plant science professional.  ASPB staff will make connections between Ambassadors and professionals as requested by the Ambassador
  • Private online group network for ongoing discussions and Q&A.
  • Ambassadors can fulfill part of the participation requirement by service on an ASPB committee.  Applications for early-career committee appointments will be conducted by an open call, and selections will be made by respective committees.
  • Opportunity to submit an article to the Plantae blog for editorial feedback and support, with the possibility of publication, especially regarding their activities as a leader in the plant science community or a representative of ASPB.
  • Opportunity to interview established professionals for the Luminaries articles in ASPB News.
  • Opportunity to apply for some funding to assist with Ambassador activities.  A limited budget will be available that the Ambassador Committee will be able to provide to individual Ambassadors.

Application process: Go the the form to Apply Now 

Applications may be submitted through the online application system and will require the following information/documentation.

  • 1 recommendation letter that address leadership skills and academics
  • A current CV or resume
  • Responses to the following questions:
    • What does science communication mean to you? How do you plan to incorporate science communication into your academic and/or professional career?
    • What does science outreach mean to you? If accepted into the ASPB Ambassador Program, what kind of outreach programs would you be interested in participating/leading
    • What is your time management philosophy? How do you handle multiple projects at once?
  • Sign an agreement to adhere to the conditions and rules of the program

Applications to the program are currently being accepted, with a February 1, 2023 deadline.  They will be reviewed by the Ambassador Alliance together with the Membership Committee Chair and the appropriate ASPB Staff.

You can read more about the Ambassador Alliance and the Ambassador of the Year award online.



Shoshana Kronfeld
ASPB Senior Manager, Membership


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