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About the Ambassador Program: This program was originally launched in 2006 with the aim to outreach ASPB's mission and membership to the postdoc, graduate and undergraduate student community.  This goal was expanded to include greater outreach to plant scientists in industry settings in 2011 and expanded again in 2015 to include outreach to plant scientists in other settings.

The current mission of the Ambassador Program is to:

  • Educate upcoming and new plant scientists about the importance of belonging to a professional society to enhance their career and be part of continuing the efforts of plant biology research.
  • Expand ASPB's membership base of younger constituents and industry scientists to ensure continued growth of the community.
  • Act as a liaison between the Governance of ASPB and the plant science community. 
  • Act as a representative of ASPB to the plant science community, the general science community and the public at large.

Benefits of being an Ambassador:

  • Provides enhanced networking opportunities.
  • Gives you a voice in the governing bodies of the Society, including being invited to the summer Membership Committee meeting.
  • Develop leadership skills

The ambassadors will be given tools and opportunities to fulfill the goals of the Ambassador program.  In order to remain an Ambassador, Ambassadors will be required to participate in at least 2 activities each year that meet one of the goals and have that activity verified by an ASPB staff member, Membership Committee member, or other professional, at the discretion of the staff and committee.